Network Storage Recovery: Questions and Answers about data recovery

What should be done if a NAS isn't detected?

First of all, check if the NAS has finished booting. If it has, refresh the list of available storages by pressing "Refresh NAS devices". If the device is still not in list, ensure the proper network cable connection and test if the NAS can be detected with the NAS software from the vendor.

If Vendor's software can’t find the NAS, make sure your firewall is not blocking the Network Storage Recovery software. If it is not, probably the NAS model or firmware is not supported.

For NAS devices that fail to boot or that cannot be recognized by Vendor's software it's recommended to switch to data recovery using a PC.

What is password security in Network Storage Recovery?

For establishing connection with a NAS, the software uses a vendor's security protocol with the support of all their password protection methods. During communication with the Agent service the software uses RSA password encryption with session keys.

Why do I need this password?

The password is required for limiting unauthorized access to the device. Anyway, after completing data recovery it's advised to remove the Agent service from the NAS by rebooting the device.

How can SSH be enabled on a Synology NAS?

Log in to the DSM web interface. Click on "Control Panel", click "Network", scroll left panel down and click "Terminal & SNMP". Put a checkbox at "Enable SSH service" and press "Apply".

Where can I get the "root" user password for WD MyCloud NAS?

WD MyCloud NAS provides the "root" password while enabling the SSH service. To enable this service, open My Cloud web interface, go to "Settings", then "Network"; under "Network Services" enable "SSH". A random "root" password will be displayed.

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