Data Recovery software for a NAS

There are two options for recovering lost data from NAS devices: using conventional data recovery software and using special data recovery software which allows recovering data from a NAS directly. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's advised to evaluate what option will appear to be better in the particular situation.

Option 1: Conventional software

You can use:

Recovery Explorer RAID - for any supported NAS;

Recovery Explorer Standard - for NAS without RAID;

Recovery Explorer Professional - a more advanced option.


  • Fastest data recovery procedure from all possible options;
  • Works even when NAS hardware is broken;
  • Data is protected against accidental overwrite caused by running a NAS;
  • Vast variety of data recovery software with different data recovery logics;
  • Quick saving of recovered data because of direct storage access;
  • Compatible with most NAS vendors and NAS models.


  • It is required to remove disks from a NAS and connect them to a PC directly (a single disk NAS may be hard to disassemble, while multiple disks are hard to connect to a PC);
  • At least basic technical skills are required to operate hardware;
  • Often requires additional hardware (such as adaptors, enclosures, cables, power sources etc.)

Option 2: Network Storage Recovery

You can use:

Network Storage Recovery



  • No need to turn off and disassemble your NAS device;
  • Simple software-only solution with no need to operate any hardware;
  • Compatible with many device models of major NAS vendors;
  • Covers most data loss cases, except situations when a NAS fails to boot.


  • Limited number of NAS vendors and models are supported;
  • This option cannot be used if a NAS fails to boot;
  • The data recovery scan and data copying processes are much slower than when disks are directly connected to a PC;
  • Limited number of software options for data recovery.

When and how it works:

Please, refer to the NAS devices table for more information about NAS vendors and models that are supported by conventional and "network" software. Note that conventional data recovery software supports much more NAS vendors and models than indicated in that reference.

Network Storage Recovery software is limited to the support of specified NAS models, however, newer NAS models from that vendors can be also supported. If you have suggestions concerning the extension of supported vendors and/or models, please vote for a NAS vendor/model by contacting us.

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