Drobo data recovery service

Data recovery from Drobo NAS and DAS devices can only be currently completed as a service. This type of devices use so-called BeyondRAD technology that stands for automated data and metadata distribution disks.

Unfortunately, in real world normal operations of BeyondRAID may be broken by hard disk failures, power failures, disk disconnections etc., especially during firmware or RAID layout update processes. In this case BeyondRAID metadata may got damaged.

There are also possible the classic problem: wrong file or folder deletion.

So, what to do in this case? Depends of data loss reason and Drobo use:

DAS device, file deletion

Simply try using of any conventional data recovery software from your PC. The process is the same as data recovery from a local disk.

DAS or NAS failure, file deletion on NAS

For both these cases the following steps are advised to be done:

  • when data loss is noticed on Drobo, it should be turned off immediately;
  • disks have to be removed from the NAS and connected directly to a PC (you may use any available method of connecting disks to PC);
  • contact us to request Drobo recovery service.

In case of Drobo we are using special software to connect your system remotely and to try virtually rebuilding lost or damaged BeyondRAID metadata, open the volume and try to find the data you are looking for.

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